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China Agricultural Newsletter - March 2015

The China Agricultural Update is provided by the Iowa Economic Development Authority's (IEDA) office in China, which is operated by Phoenix Consulting LLC. Ms. Wendy Zhang, IEDA's trade specialist in the China office, can provide customized market research information for your company. For more information on how to utilize the services offered by IEDA's Beijing Office, please contact Mr. Joseph Rude at

Laws, Regulations and Policies

China to boost sustainable growth in agriculture

 The State Council has issued a plan to boost sustainable development of agriculture by 2020, said vice minister of agriculture Chen Xiaohua on Friday.

China to pilot scheme to reform rural land use

 China announced on Friday a pilot program, allowing the trade of rural land use rights for stakes in farming entities. The pilot program will be run in three experimental rural reform regions in Jiangsu, Sichuan and Guizhou, and four counties in Heilongjiang, Shandong, Zhejiang and Chongqing Municipality, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement.

China to speed up agricultural modernization through reform

 China's Vice Minister of Agriculture Yu Xinrong, and the ministry's chief economist and spokesman Bi Meijia are meeting the media to outline the ministry's work for 2015. Topics on the agenda include rural reform as well as innovation aimed at boosting modern agriculture. This is the 12th consecutive year that the government's NO.1 Central Document has focused on agriculture and rural issues. Overall, grain output increased for the 11th-consecutive year in 2014. Vice Minister Yu says China will continue to speed up agricultural modernization in 2015 through reform measures and innovation.

More assistance for grain-producing regions

 China will offer more policy and fiscal assistance to its 13 main grain production regions to further ensure its grain security over the next several years, a national agricultural official said on Friday.

New measures to meet food needs

 China's annual grain output is expected to rise 8.2 percent to 657 million metric tons by 2020, as the nation develops large swaths of high-quality farmland to meet the soaring demand for food, said a top official.

HK bans import of poultry meat, products from Jasper County, U.S.

 Hong Kong authorities announced Tuesday that they have banned the import of poultry meat and products from Jasper County, State of Missouri, the United States (U.S.)

China urges banks to speed up agriculture sector loans

 China urged its banks to speed up lending to agriculture, the country's banking regulator said on Tuesday, in an effort to bolster a sector that employs almost one third of its 1.4 billion people, but remains in desperate need of funding.

China approves three new free trade zones

 BEIJING, March 24 (Xinhua) - Three more free trade zones (FTZs) in Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian, and improvements to the Shanghai FTZ were approved at a Tuesday meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

China revises rules on foreign investment

 BEIJING, March 13 (Xinhua) - China released revised guidance for foreign investment on Friday, relaxing many restrictions on overseas capital.

Industry and Business Watch

Premier stresses economic targets, agricultural reform

 BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua) - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged all sectors to carry out this year's major tasks and deepen reforms in agriculture and foreign trade.

China facilitates agriculture modernization with pilot zones

 By the end of 2014, China had established 4,272 national level demonstration zones over eight stages, edging it closer to its goal of agricultural standardization, said Tian Shihong, head of the Standardization Administration of China (SAC), on Tuesday.

More needed to enhance GMO acceptability in China, says state Document

 More still needs to be done for genetically-modified organisms (GMO) to become more acceptable in China, according to the so-called No. 1 Central Domcument of 2015 issued by the country’s Central Committee and State Council.

Drought, flood threaten China's granary

 China's largest grain producer, Heilongjiang Province, is facing dual drought and flood challenges during this year's spring harvest, according to experts.

China's grain imports rise 16.5% in 2014

 China’s grain imports in 2014, consisting mostly of soybean, rose 16.5% to 87.8 million tones compared to the previous year, despite increased domestic output.

China gets over 600,000 tonnes of corn from Ukraine

 Ukraine is set to ship over 600,000 tonnes of corn to China, which is expected to ink more export deals as it copes with strained local supplies and rising domestic prices due to its stockpiling policy.

China pig production down in 2014, slaughter up

 The number of pigs produced in China was down in 2014, while the number of pigs slaughtered was up when compared to 2013. During the year, the country raised 465.83 million pigs and slaughtered 735.1 million pigs, for a 1.7 percent decrease and 2.7 percent increase from 2013, respectively. Pork production, at 56.71 million metric tons, was increased by 3.2 percent for the year.

Chinese processor accused of using pigs with FMD

 Chinese authorities are looking into allegations that one of the country's most famous sausage makers used sick pigs in its products.

China officially opens market to French pork

 China officially opened its market to French pork products on March 1 following a meeting between China’s President Xi Jinping and French President Francois Hollande.

US beefs make it to China despite restrictions

 China has suspended US beef imports into the country but the measures did not prevent some deliveries from entering its territories via Hong Kong, according to Deputy US Trade Representative, Robert Holleyman.

China broiler imports forecast down, exports up in 2015

 China's broiler meat imports will tumble to an 11-year low in 2015, undermined by a ban on buy-ins of American supplies, and accelerating the country's emergence as a major net exporter of a food category.

Jilin Jinyi developing China's largest egg plant

 Jilin Jinyi Egg Products Co. Ltd. has received its first shipment of chicks to its new egg production plant that will have a 5 million bird capacity. When fully operational, the new Jilin Jinyi egg production complex will be China’s largest.

China's 2014 loan for agriculture hits 23.6 trln yuan

 BEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) - China's loan for agriculture stood at 23.6 trillion yuan (3.84 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2014, up 13 percent year on year, according to a central bank's report released on Wednesday.

Fonterra to buy stake in Beingmate

 New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra confirmed Monday that it will buy 18.8 percent of Chinese infant food maker Beingmate, less than the 20-percent stake it had been aiming for.

China's top industrial firm eyes farming amid economic slowdown

 CHANGSHA, March 22 (Xinhua) - China's leading construction machinery producer Zoomlion has contracted a large rice field in central China's Hunan Province as the company launches into mechanical farming.

Feature: Chinese investments pour into U.S.

 WASHINGTON, March 25 (Xinhua) - Chinese investors have been in the limelight during the just concluded 2015 SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, DC.


Average food prices in 50 cities March 11-20, 2015




Current price


Percentage changes

as compared to last period

(%, March 1-10, 2015)


Japonica rice / kg




Strong flour / kg




Standard wheat / kg



Soy products

Bean curd / kg



Peanut oil

5 Lin barrel bulk / litre



Soyabean oil

5 Lin barrel bulk / litre



Rape seed oil

Grade 1 in bulk / liter




Rump / kg




Belly meat / kg




Leg / kg




Leg / kg




Frozen fresh chicken / kg




Breast / kg




Frozen fresh duck / kg




Fresh eggs in bulk / kg



Source: China National Bureau of Statistics


Major meat retail price March 2015

Pork (Lean):

                                                                           RMB1.00 yuan/kg

Average Sales Price (Street markets & Supermarkets)

Var. Percent

A.       03/11/15-

B.       03/01/15-

C.       0211/15-

D.       03/11/14-













                                                         RMB1.00 yuan/kg

Average Sales Price (Street markets & Supermarkets)

Var. Percent

E.        03/11/15-

F.        03/01/15-

G.       02/11/15-

H.       03/11/14-













                                                                          RMB1.00 yuan/kg

Average Sales Price (Street markets & Supermarkets)

Var. Percent

I.         03/11/15-

J.         03/01/15-

K.       02/11/15-

L.        03/11/14-











Source: China Animal Agriculture Association