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Business License Support Center
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Business License Support Center
Innovative Partnership
The Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) works in close cooperation with the Business License Information Center, but there are many aspects of IDED’s business license support center that serve to support the work of agencies.
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, business approval team, licensing authorization team and licensing information team form a cooperative group brought together in response to the need for streamlined licensing and approval operations related to the environment.
The following are services provided by the group:
Consultation and information exchange between the federal and state governments
Fast, efficient processing of environment-related applications; support for licensing and approval in order to avoid operational cost increases due to delays
Support in offering information on the Clean Air Act to medium and small corporations
Support in offering information on the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
Providing information on licensing and approval for medium and small corporations from IDED’s Business License Information Center
In short, the group functions to assist businesses in the State of Iowa with licensing needed for business development.
Comprehensive Support for Acquisition of Licenses
This support team, in cooperation with the Iowa state and federal licensing agencies, delivers information and support to your company. The forms of support and the departments that provide support are shown below.
Department of Natural Resources
■ Licensing regarding air
■ Licensing regarding construction on floodplains (areas vulnerable to flooding when water levels are high)
■ Licensing regarding air
■ Licensing regarding processing of waste products
■ Licensing regarding water drainage
■ Licensing regarding water usage
Department of Commerce and Commercial Affairs
■ Policies regarding electricity/gas/water
■ Policies regarding insurance
■ Licensing regarding business
Manpower Development Council
■ Iowa State OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) regulations
■ Employment/labor regulations
Department of Revenue and Finance
■ Licensing /regulations regarding tax practices
Department of Transportation
■ Transportation of hazardous waste
■ Licensing regarding construction
State Historical Society
■ Archeological assessment of remains
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
■ Submission of form I-9
■ Employment regulations
Other State and Federal Licensing Bureaus
Regarding Efficiency of Licensing Procedures
In the procedure from application to authorization of the license, the state license support team provides your company with licensing items, devises a plan, collects information, refers your licensing application to this bureau, and the entire process is reviewed.
STEP 1 Pre-application Consultation
The first step is a consultation involving the licensing support coordinator and a representative of your company. The coordinator identifies the items necessary for your company’s licensing application, prepares a schedule, and answers any questions or addresses any problems your company might have.
The coordinator also arranges the meeting between your company and the bureau. If the aforementioned information exchange has already been accomplished, problems can be resolved and results known that much sooner.
STEP 2 Application Assistance
Including all information required on your application form is an important first step. If, for instance, your problem is the issue of ability to process waste water at a planned factory site, or if it’s a typical business regulation, the coordinator will gather the wide range of necessary information for your company.
Once your application is ready for submission, the coordinator will setup the first review meeting involving our bureau and your company’s representative.
STEP 3 Information, Answers and Support
Throughout the procedure, the coordinator serves as the liaison for our bureau. This is necessary in accelerating the licensing process, and can be beneficial for related personnel.