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Quality Food Grade Soybeans in Iowa
Welcome to the State of Iowa!
Here in the heartland of the U.S., producers in the State of Iowa have brought to the world one of the most valuable gifts from nature:  the soybean.  Soybeans, which had been cultivated in Asia for centuries, found a proper place to grow here in Iowa.
Producers and exporters of the food grade soybeans in Iowa intend to provide customers with the world’s best possible services and products of the highest possible quality.
We consider our agriculture a failure unless we succeed in producing easily processed and highly nutritious food grade soybeans. Further, it is our desire to play a leading role in providing high-quality food grade soybeans.
Iowa quality means: services for customers, a system pursuing the development of breeding quality soybeans, a production practice in which identity preservation system is secured, etc.
Quality-oriented Production System
Iowa Soybean Association has met producers’ expectations by establishing a forum for IP soybeans.
Further, Iowa supplies quality organic soybeans. The Iowa Department of Agriculture has supported producers that wish to produce organic soybeans.

The certificate of organic soybeans issued by Iowa Department of Agriculture is concurrently regarded as USDA certification or JAS certification.

Excellent Customer Service
Companies in Iowa participating in the program for quality food soybeans have extensive knowledge and experience in identity preserved (IP) handling, screening and shipping of soybeans.
In addition, exporters in Iowa have a wealth of experience in shipping goods in bulk, bags or containers, in response to the market with time constraints of varying degree.
High-quality Breed Development
Iowa State University is among the top-level U.S. universities in agricultural research.
Researchers, professors and students studying agricultural products at Iowa State University have been striving to develop new varieties of crops in response to growing demand from food soybean-related producers and the requirement by domestic and overseas customers for processing and nutrition.
Through traditional breeding method, Iowa State University has developed the food grade soybeans required by the customers worldwide.
Each time a new variety is developed, the test is conducted to confirm that it satisfies the quality criteria required by the soy food industries worldwide.
Exporters of food soybeans in Iowa have also contributed to development of blue-chip breeds by collecting information on customer demand.
Iowa has succeeded in making the Iowa-brand food grade soybean varieties the best brand in the U.S. owing to Iowa’s agricultural technology and information exchange with customers over the world.