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The Best Pork in America
Iowa is the nation’s number one pork producing state, responsible for about 27 percent of total U.S. pork. With its wonderful environment and availability of plentiful corn and soybeans for feed, Iowa’s 8,700 swine operations can raise the type of animals that produce the finest pork, which is in demand by both domestic and international buyers.
Environment and feed are just two of the factors responsible for our success, of course. Iowa’s swine producers go to great lengths to raise strong and healthy animals, but it’s a team effort that keeps Iowa number one in terms of quality, safety, consistency and dependability.
Research, for example, is a big part of Iowa’s effective pork production. With the help of researchers at Iowa State University, the Iowa pork industry keeps abreast of new products and processing technologies, export-related expertise and market and economic studies.
The university also is a resource base for other important information that helps assure prompt and careful attention to our export customers. Research facilities and experiment farms help further provide the technology to create and maintain the high quality Iowa pork that is popular worldwide.
Though Iowa is the largest pork producing state in the nation, our swine industry is in reality made up of many smaller family farms and operations. This assures that buyers can obtain individual attention and prompt service, and acquire the kinds of products that will please their customers and fit their marketing needs.
Assuring Pork Wholesomeness
Swine producers add to government requirements for safety and wholesomeness with strict industry-sponsored programs. The Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) program was introduced by swine producers in 1989 to promote and assure wholesome and healthy animals, as well as precise environmental practices at all points during the raising of pork animals. Producers in operations of all sizes are involved in the program to improve herd health, and they take pride in producing “quality assured” pork.
The PQA Program has now been enhanced to include a component that will give consumers confidence that pork is produced in a way that respects animal well-being. An animal identification program and a Truckers Quality Assurance (TQA) program also have been created. Increasingly, packers and processors in Iowa value the PQA and TQA certification programs as they source their animals.
The Finest Quality
Thanks in part to production improvement efforts of Iowa swine producers, researchers and processors, pork’s reputation as a lean, succulent meat has increased.Without sacrificing flavor or juiciness, producers have
increased lean meat and reduced fat, creating a product that’s low in fat and waste but high in nutrition and taste.
Iowa’s independent swine producers market more than 31 million hogs a year and raise a variety of outstanding hog breeds. Through superior genetics and selective breeding, Iowa’s herds have become the envy of swine producers everywhere. The variety of proven Iowa hog breeds means there are just the right pork products to meet the different demands and tastes of export market customers.
Worldwide Demand
More and more Iowa pork is being exported to an increasing number of markets in recent years – with good reason. Pork from Iowa is recognized as being an outstanding product, and an outstanding value. That translates into a high demand for Iowa pork products among international customers. In fact, Iowa is the leading U.S. state in pork exports.
Today, the U.S. Pork symbol identifies quality pork raised by America’s swine producers. It is the hallmark of the world’s finest pork in terms of safety, wholesomeness, consistent quality and availability.
With U.S. exports of pork increasing every year, consumers everywhere are discovering just how good U.S. pork can be. And around the globe, those who taste U.S. pork from Iowa agree that its quality is unsurpassed. Lean, delicious and wholesome, Iowa pork has become the standard for excellence in pork products worldwide.