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The Finest U.S. Beef
Iowa’s beef industry is responsible for about 5 percent of U.S. beef production.Beef from Iowa is sought after by discriminating beef buyers around the globe, who have access to the world’s very best beef. Iowa produces some of the most flavorful, juicy and tender beef that can be found.
A strong work ethic, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence help the Iowa beef industry provide top quality beef. That task is made easier by the wealth of Iowa’s natural resources. The rich, fertile soil, plentiful water and favorable climate assure abundant, high quality corn that produces outstanding cattle and excellent beef.
Ultimately, of course, the proof is in the product. A single taste of Iowa beef will convince you that it’s superior to other beef on the market.
Wholesomeness Assured
Iowa cattle producers strive to maintain a high level of quality throughout the animal’s life through their Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program. Combining the expertise of animal scientists, veterinarians, feed suppliers and animal health companies, the BQA certification program encourages the use of science and technology to further improve beef quality and wholesomeness.BQA also stresses the importance of a sound biosecurity plan on the farm to protect against disease.
BQA guidelines cover proper and safe animal health product use,management of the environment, record-keeping and sampling procedures for feed and feed ingredients. An emphasis on education helps producers identify the day-to-day practices that influence the production of safe, wholesome beef.
From the time the animals are born to the time the beef is shipped to customers, the focus is on maximizing beef safety and quality. Beef packers use multiple innovations and systems for reducing the chance of bacterial contamination.Through their investments in research, Iowa cattle producers have declared their commitment to maintaining high levels of wholesomeness and further improving the safety of beef products for export.
Quality Control
Safe beef is just the beginning. The Iowa beef industry also strives to produce cuts unequaled in terms of consistency and quality. And it delivers them in a product high in nutrition.
Iowa cattle producers begin the process by using the best genetics in their animals. By choosing the best bulls and cows, breeders can produce calves that have attributes that help lead to consistently outstanding beef.
Corn-feeding is greatly responsible for the superior flavor,juiciness and tenderness found in Iowa beef. Those who have eaten beef from grain-fed cattle know there is a difference. Grain-fed beef is simply more delicious!
Iowa‚s 31,000 cattle producers are independent business customer needs. This includes changing management or feeding practices to take advantage of new information and technology. An Iowa Cattlemen‚s Data Management Program provides a network that matches cattle to specific target markets, helping producers manage cattle performance.More than 250,000 animal records are part of the database, many of which can identify the farm of origin, feedlot and age of animal.
Regional packers also strive to identify and promote consistently high quality beef. They will often contract with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to classify this quality with a USDA Quality Grade. The top grades – USDA Prime, USDA Choice and USDA Select – are dependent on the age of the animal and the amount of marbling, or intramuscular fat, in the meat. Some packers may use their own quality designations rather than using this voluntary USDA system.
Beef That is Widely Preferred
A careful corn-feeding regimen, combined with superior genetics, gives Iowa beef its distinctively well-marbled consistency, maximizing flavor and tenderness.
Commitment to great beef quality goes beyond genetics and feeding, however. Cattle breeders, cow-calf-producers, feeders, packers and processors are all dedicated to providing top quality products. Iowa’s beef customers in other nations benefit from their teamwork.