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America’s finest beef and pork come from a state at the heart of American agriculture, in a fertile grain belt that spreads through the center of the United States.Thanks to its rich black soil, abundant fresh water and favorable environment, Iowa can boast of America’s top corn and soybean harvest – a foundation for the state’s production of high quality meat.
Though located in the middle of the country, Iowa is America’s second largest agricultural exporting state. It enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in its many products from the land.
Iowa is also the leading U.S. state in the production of renewable fuels such as ethanol, which is primarily made from corn. Iowa farmers are responding to the increasing need for these new fuels by expanding corn acreage to achieve a consistent feed supply. Ethanol also yields co-products such as distillers grains, which make excellent cattle feeds, and in dried form can be added to swine diets at a lower rate. This makes Iowa very competitive with other domestic and international livestock producing areas.
The Family Farm
The strength of Iowa agriculture has always been found in its independent family farms and service-oriented businesses. Iowa swine and cattle producers believe that people enjoy buying from people. The person-to-person style is at the core of the philosophy of Iowans and key to how Iowa cattle and swine producers do business.
It is a modern industry that believes in old-fashioned values. While the latest technology and sound scientific principles are used to assure maximum healthfulness, safety and quality, the industry listens to its customers.Iowa livestock producers, packers, processors and industry associations work in tandem with government and academia in an effort to exceed customer needs.
Above all, though, customer care is the reason buyers of Iowa beef and pork can be confident of getting products that meet their own specific demands – and why Iowa is one of America’s leading exporters of beef and pork.