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About the State of Iowa
Iowa Department of Economic Development
Service for Selection of Business Location
The Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) willingly cooperates with companies when selecting candidate sites for business advancement. For over fifty years, the IDED has supported companies entering or expanding business in Iowa. The IDED team of specialists for selecting candidate business sites provides assistance for your company to proceed with the investigation of Iowa as a potential location for your business. We are fully aware that the selection of a site to develop your business is a demanding and time-consuming task. The IDED goal is to create a smooth flow and help your company to proceed with this task more effectively.
The IDED support includes provision of information on movements of the state government concerning business environment, data on the region, building vacancy status, building lots and other information. Further, specialists in economic development of the State are available to work with you to prepare and execute a site inspection schedule. The IDED serves as a liaison with the State’s licensing authorities with regard to the environment, along with offering assistance related to funds and incentive programs.
Dynamic Union between Information and Technology
The IDED places importance on cooperation with other departments when conducting economic development activities. The IDED has compiled comprehensive regional data covering the entire state and a database concerning vacant buildings and industrial premises, which were prepared with help from economic development groups in various areas and a variety of public utility services.
Over 900 files on regions
Over 600 files on vacant buildings
Over 1,100 files on industrial premises
Map indicating interstates, highways, railroads and airports
Data on electricity, gas, water supply and sewage services
Data on labor force
Data on technical resources
Information on business environment
If you have any inquiries about your company’s project in relation to the aforementioned information, the IDED will promptly prepare a comprehensive proposal to meet individual needs.